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Paying for entries

You will have various options to pay to the competition host for your submitted entries.

Once you're done submitting your entries to the competition, you will find the link to the shopping cart in the header of your Defolio profile, as well as in the Competition page, right under the event banner.

Make sure you enter correct information in the shopping cart, the discount code and then select either a bank or credit card link, PayPal or PDF document via Download invoice.

If you've selected the PDF invoice, your entries will remain with the pending invoice note until confirmed.
Once you have transfered the payment, our accountant will confirm the payment in your Defolio interface manually within the next 24 hours. You will also receive a confirmation of a successful payment to your e-mail address that you've set up under the account settings.

A copy of the paid invoice will be attached in the confirmation e-mail.