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The voting process on Defolio as a jury member.

Once you've signed up to Defolio and have been assigned to your competition, wait for instructions form the competition organizer. You will be able to begin with voting once the submission deadline has passed.

Open the Entries menu and you will see all of the entries that have been submitted to your voting categories. Begin from the top by clicking on the first entry, and you will see the voting scale on the right side of the submission.

The voting scale can be either Yes - No - No answer or on a 10-point scale. Just click on the button and your vote will be counted. It's important that you give your vote to every entry in your category. Once you're done, notify the organizer or your category jury chairman. They will be able to close the votings once every jury member has given their votes.

Note that you will be able to change your vote up until the votings in your category are still open.