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I'm hosting a competition

Name, description and rules

Adding a name, a description and the rules to your competition are the first details necessary to set up your upcoming event.


You have four different dates that need to be set in order to run your competition.


Add your personal header and background image to match the design of your competition.


Add people to host the competition with you.


Add main and subcategories with different form fields and requirements, such as pricing.


Customise your submission forms to fit the needs of your competition.


Set up specific field types for your submission forms.


Add jury members to your competition.


See the full list of submissions and export the data to your preferred spreadsheet.


The list that will be created once the voting in each category has ended.


Add awards to the selected submissions in the shortlist.

Duplicate submissions

An useful feature in case you need to add the same submission into another category.

Download submissions

You can download the contents of the whole competition or any of the submissions separately.

Discount codes

How to create discount codes for your competition.

Extra voting scales

You can add additional voting scales to your competition for extra voting rounds.