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Add awards to the selected submissions in the shortlist.

1. Creating awards

Each award needs to have a name, priority number and a background color.
The biggest prizes should have the highest numbers — for example, gold is 10, silver is 7 and bronze is 5. Priority matters when the awards have been announced, since the submissions will be listed in the shortlist by priority.
Add background colors to the awards by typing in the desired color hex code.

You can also add specific awards to the list (for example, 'Project of the year'), give it a fitting priority number and a suiting color.

2. Awards not connected to entries

Use these fields to shout out awards not connected to the entries. Just give it a name and a description (for example, Agency of the year — Agency name, their website and a short description). They will be displayed on the right side of the shortlist, in a separate column.

3. Adding awards to submissions

Awards can be added by administrators and chairmen. Just open the submission in the editing view and select the suiting award from the dropdown menu. They will be publicly available once you've reached the awards publication date and only when you've manually published them.