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Add main and subcategories with different form fields and requirements, such as pricing.

Creating categories for your event will allow you to ask specific details necessary to begin the submission period and continue with the jury. You can add as many main and subcategories as necessary, and you can assign individual forms and jury members to them.

Each category can be set up with different requirements -- for example, the pricing and the amount of attachments -- and display custom form fields. Please refer to the Forms article for full rundown on how to set up individual forms.

Let's run down the whole category settings:

Use product codes in case you're receiving physical items along with the digital submissions. For example, if name the code DESIGN, then submissions will be tagged with a product code DESIGN-1, DESIGN-2 and so on. Once people start sending physical items that go along with the digital submissions, they can label them with their respective product code.

By default, all of your categories will be with the default competition price you started out with. In case you need to give particular categories their own custom prices, just select 'Use custom pricing' instead of 'Use competition pricing' and type in the number. If the category is for free of charge, simply leave it blank with the custom pricing setting.

In case your competition allows submissions in series (for example, a set of commercials for one product), you can allow a special price.

You can either allow one set of jury members to judge all of your categories or you can allow separate jury per category. Also, you can choose either "Yes - No - No answer" or "1-10 points scale" judging system. See the Jury article to learn how to set up jury members for your event.

Defolio allows to upload 6 attachments by default to each submission. Give it a custom number to make it fit your competition rules. To learn more about the specifics of the allowed attachments, please refer to the Attachments article.