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Set up specific field types for your submission forms.

To set up a custom form field, click on the Add new form field button a select it from the menu on the left.

Name it so you can recognize it in the Forms menu afterwards and select its type.
Select string if the field is for just a word, text for a longer text, select or checkbox for options. You also have number or date type of fields available.

Add as many different field types as you need.

Then, proceed to the Forms menu, select a custom form or make a new one, and you will be able to find your field types once you start adding fields to your form.

Make sure you give the field a title that you wish to show on the submission form, a maximum character length for text, a placeholder title that will be displayed before the field is selected, its location and access. For example, you can opt out Public or even Jury to keep a field private and exclusive for Administrators.

Note that it's currently not possible to reorder the fields, so make sure that you add them in the right order.
NB! Deleting a field type will delete the submitted data which can't be restored!