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Add jury members to your competition.

Every jury member needs to sign up their Defolio account before you're able to add them to your competition. Make sure you first select the category and then add the chairman and jury members.

Jury members will be able to view and vote for the submissions that have been added to their assigned category. They will have access to the submissions once the event has reached it's submission deadline. Jury members won't be able to view any other categories. Note that their names will be displayed next to their categories on the front page of the competition.

Once you've started the voting phase, please make sure that every member of the jury board will give their votes for all of the submissions in their categories. If a jury member doesn't want to give a vote to some submissions, then they will have to select No Answer from the voting options.

Chairmen can't vote but they have some admin powers to fulfill the will of the jury (such as manually adding submissions into shortlist). Also, chairmen will be able to close voting once jury members are done.

Note that the administrators will be able to oversee the shortlist in the making, and is always able to force submissions in and out of the shortlist, as well as end the voting phase for categories on the competition.